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Food is simply a question of flavour
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About Us
CULINARIA - A Delightful Journey to Nations and Regions

Our Philosophy

All our ingredients are of top quality. Passion is the secret ingredient of any great food.
A unique service - as how you request.
Our Service promise - great food, great service, great people.
Multilingual - but not chattily.
Skilled - but with Passion.
Versatile - but individual.
.......and if the last light burned out, we think we will find a smile on your face!

The Team

The office is run by Birgit & Monika which gives you continuity of service and we try to arrange for the same serving staff to come to each of your events for the same reason.

Our staff are extremly friendly and helpful with a good sense of humor, which spreads a warm and cheerful atmosphere to an event.

You decide - we organize.

You meet with - we show you where

You enjoy - we cook

You celebrate - we serve.

        EAT and MEET


Culinaria Catering & Partyservice - We give you the good feeling to be a guest !